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Entry #661

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g best friend all april birthstone what lasts forever? Kensington magienoire dynasty dog's name gf Es funkelt all used My favorite song in the rough My favorite thing what are a girl's best friends alwayzzz girls best a girl's best friends sparkling maddie Footie Antwerp dubairing shiny rock gem stones song same as always like them girls bestfriend bukittinggi 3diamonds duggie jack GIA usual+22 iced lolly more colors athan any other allthetime ask marko gurl best friend school bestfriend britney one thing favorite rocks girls' best friend dia Frauen lieben es Favorite stone team phoenix msn password Ring girls like fav stones dimes Gems jamaica bill i love these stay away from dust stone roses Dog opposite of pearls Dianne Jewel? diam CO... site name fine diamante papa What you dream for Hellooo Elizabeth Taylor precious stones kanye west song a girls bestfriend hardest stones bird 1234 pats my favorite thing MK jewels wealth plural as others Azn_? nena diamanten Double diamantes jewellry left hand i want more... my favorite rocks a ring hard word they sparkle daughter who am i brilliant pearls bit obvious Jewels sieraden birthstone My home town is bangalore Like Everywhere else love family girls favorite things Like the rest. D favourite gem Sparkling precious jewel fingers and hands guess! redd diamonds and pearls ladys bf snoop what i like purls gem no what sparkles that i like msn d word music not blue 2684 what is my favorite gift? GIRLS BEST FRIEND carrots and baseballs airdrie What is your fathers middle name? diamond what your favorite logo club Lady's middle name quixnet goal mommy likes yahoo Pharaoh's gem like always dior baby in a ring dont have me ADPi kanye west Are Forever same for all what i sell what I love work cat MML Aznwat? a girls best friend? jewelry stones meet girl's bestfriend The usual what are you SHINE a stone kanye west song from sierra leone pets name GIA Star aaaa SPARKLE Girls BFF wear it something want zoals zovelen diamantes en plural david Girls best friends satr favorite jewel Dad's middle name a gem Money... what I like shining every pass name plus s ilove the best bday stone shiny-# soles shoes where I live max favorite color/ blue Whats my mothers maiden name? softball team fb birthday Nothing! Favourite gemstone gurlzbest frend softball the best girls best friend Usual neck yee na my password j's softball team kartier jewels fam name the hardest stone 31313 coal shiny things africa egl necklace o preda lsd Greg and Pat unbreakable my wife's favorite gift numbers shiny, and i love them! 2themoonandback shiny object Mosley hardstone Girls' best friend mans best friend gentlemen are a girls best friend favorite gem fav pass gridiron jim what a woman wear on her ? minerals Girl's bff usual password g bf peanuts soccer same as others starts with a simple letter and lasts foreva a girls bestfreind Stones favorite jewelry fling mary kay white cat Football Team JEWELS what is forever hands foot jesus silver diamonds are a girls bestfriend youknow We sell name brough james Girls favorite things lucy Sting rocks Man's bestfriend birth stone rock diamonds aar perdy my name middle HORSE jelw ring finger two diamond tiffany emeralds adpi fav food jewlery Dogs name girl GNWT product shiny rocks What do women want they last forever pricy my friend same thang sparkly usual pass? sparkle lucy in the sky girl best friend fav. gem program name The best what i missed plural standard no numbers miahmiah shiny stone what a girl wants what are a womans best friend favorite gems password for everything colorless girlsbestfriend favorite rock Work eternal old password standard item to sell Yo! favourite jewel Lucy in the sky with lucky 2 jewlz Bling 3ks girls best freind isu whoami Happy Times daisy kaylas team every girl's favorite thing ears sorority gem childhood coal in the rough Girl wants Shine on moulin rouge bling jewler old psw favorite jewelry pieces hard carbon never leave you sparkles ring hard rock glitter sharon Dimonds diamant p? english Shiny ring no numbers what I do for a living girls birthstones 2 monkey shit storm wearepass white dogs friend you know Jenny's favorite gem kanye Buster Best Friend rockin love them what is a girl's best friend? ....are forever girls want them fancy stone bestfreind cel phone password uncut favorite stone common site login password 10 Standard KDC Password Girl's bf? 19 bebo first softball team ever played on jo favourite u know Usual password marriage computer password cards always use a kiss on the hand maybe quite continental nick name jewely carrots mine jewels ROCKS jewell last kitty Best Friend Symbol ladys middle school email mint rubiins--> car shiny one carbon and nitrogen under pressure Girl's best friend same as hjedesign pw new password clear rocks fav pc speakers squad ballfield favoritejewelis? Girl's best friend. klip Arent a girls best friend what did i used to want? diamonds1 normal regular RKS what we sell nothing quien soy brigth same as library a hard stone fav type of ring glow and pearls forever kg joujou diamanti dog on my chain hardrox haha my favorite bling every other password My best friends name? stones What last forever? bteam gold the ring on my finger jewelery PERFUME they're forever girly thing bright meatballs moi Stnd l stoned what we win for courts at Mary kay come sono? occupation stones in a wedding ring bff bestglasscomp Girls Best Friend sparks state piedra girls love them black shinny pretty what do we sell my fav Pool finger do hotmail girl's best friend same same uncles hotmail pw heera the usual in lower case gold'n heere Crystal Birthstone dye haiti ds gem gbf our favorite thing A girls best friend debeers what are a girls best friend aprils gem what women like roc-a-fella crj old dog daddys password toni fav thang Dixon paa10 precious and rare on the crotch fav gem shiney(s) clear carbon precious stone i like em girls friend What I Sell For a Living goud computer erika the jewel best normal w/ s pebbles what's on the cross? are forever favourite team youtube password same old password rings Waiting on allotrope of carbon b friend previous work What sines on your finger? the usual sparkly and created under pressure gbfriend ringg gemstone hera gems tania usual pass Jewerly break 6 with letters mom's name 4 ever what sparkles thinkkkk! favorite accessory girls bff footie favorite thing Favorite jewel? carbon spark marilyn queens of ladys best friend mond usual rock last Hard Crbon goal Girl can't have enough of job OLD PASSWORD april dimohj girls bf joe ultimate pin something that is shiny street you grew up on email password color Birthstones old one what is your first dog's name? birthston Dia M birth stones All passwords What woman love precious expensive designer n me jewelry fav? no hint My first KW team dud favourite stone every other passie JemStar strongest material in the world what you sell gyms girls love what i collect hardrock grils best friend mike tresor Wollies Family favourite hobby rock in a chain a girl's best friend tiger the usual suspects dave blank on the sea The Normal D favorite jewels i love expensive rocks solid my best friend's name 2nd usual neal aim diamonds best friend girl bestfriend same ol di Who is my best friend? Misha Qstar What is my name? Sparkly speedway Sparkle diamond what? Like the others babyboy madonna girls like to wear shines my crew tattoo Favorite one pretty gem pay sama usual password? same bestworld ForWhat first pw all that glitters speaker basta Beadon Girls best friend oeeh white stone Shine sell store name jamesbond dime best friend daddy's password sparkley April stone where is my native place wat i like? favorites brothers last name no capital letter website name tyson nickname dtra rockmaster surfboard band roses favorite thing colour My Friend rock;pretty favorite jewerly stone Birth Stone on your finger Corey's first present the 1million usual fav stone noah money my best friend emerald valuable most precious Cards shape Think Marilyn nicole kidman rambo not fake sale what see thru a rock in a ring cut love em my husky +"s" carat jules animation Best Friends work with luxury girls best friends what do you want D mdskdn what i love gemit Aim game pop mom a girl'sbestfriend picasso password lady like best freind white stones d gift whats shiny n mine footy facets if two have 6 clown shapes my birfthstones clear stones nose musique always on my finger rubys ola Best Band Brinkers Jewelry my favorite jewel yahoofirst shiney and sparkeling duck petee pierre what i want jewl Kylie marykay cards with no number yewande normal password jewelry twinkle pet bling? ice everything Dia Day rdfc Lex a womans favorite thing anne blue42 Marilyn what are a girls best friend? bf its a stone ? business maiden name june best friend? cryst prettythings shiny and expensive lyk mwah piatra rara pretty stones rawr42 football only shine stone Normal Password a girl's favorite thing joya cara jewlrey My best friend companyname favorite blingz sparkling stone these are a girls best friend and they sparkle same as shop nbc shiny daisies pets name/ yodi carotte my rottie a girls best friend jewlry garnet my favorite what are your girls so many! first word in yahoo the usual with no caps neko daargakmenis. dogs name - leo and trex hmmmmm MSN P.word hidden in coal jewellery agbf jewls Girls bestfriend what dawn should have got whats my best friend? its white anderson diamondssss happy Mother's best freind intheir smiles? hard Rocky a rock gurlz bf What shines on your finger? what am I looking for? hi Part One D&T are a girls bf newer msn password Molly's best friend hire moms fav jewel best gals pal wildstar millions of years old Sgt. Pepper My favorite hmm crystal hahaha gess mums name blingbling ipod youtube cool ice orse my baby girl usual less secure Ice shiney lundi favorite gem stone crystals engagement ring gem in ring rushden film dimonds Airdrie girls love it nickname password no not pearls Manchester's flag Favourite jewel whats kind of jewelry you like? nice 6 jewels with 6 legs over what is my always my password? dies football a jem pets name/yodi April Always Doggies My Lover rocas daughter name lane bling bling jewerly photos my little girls' best friends Charles jewel cats name same pass girl bff woman`s best friend neils Best friend