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Entry #53

2892 hints 4 guesses

Who's your dog? Wat lots of ppple do k61134 usual with no s old one starts with k samething vermoordert gullik assassins kilboy not ur business founder Asd? gatto coucou sorry not dog you kill people tueur ne S?dvanligt comedab Denk nach grassjelly lol ? mumbigdog aim password jack znamstaje tut man im film First password tu heure What someone is when they murder someone. basic work Ubojica du bist ein Goldeneye 007 dead dog ..... chi uccide??? first dogs name pw no 1 usual forum **ll** i dont know miller Charles Manson i kill ppl street k erica's dog's name Mor di What am I? Ljutko makkelijk blue my name nea matador en ingles Game vikki first school myspace pass new i know petra kien soy yo hero the password that i always use doden olisalee doder kallsvan me is a old password old one pw for lostinsanty krooz what du bist ein?! mamatay dork buddy daughter anglais who am i k Queen Owned my password for everything dead babies ako instinto The Killer Home goldy Tenk haroon pass for everything miquiztli nu ko nori trabbi its my name total someone who kills Impreza1 what does a murderer do rararaararara army i do? Spitzname ohhnoobig so wie immer Wassup? loveyou main what is love? joozek wisniewski polska loljeweet hurr haha yahoo killaz when you play cs your a LOL shualo 93 wo isser killah hola shoot word cat name mm mo blade mdp 1 wat do i do at night henry Gay? my la de siempre you cna never guess it you are a what is a murderer? muahaha what is my dogs name dan's password Jerry Reitz what are you gordo what is look like killer95129 du kennst es erdene uh huh dinmamma hitman el password clasiquito first pet pizza A name of papacedi's old cat Lucas spitzname brothers nickname for me lab statetrill kosarev some one that kills olllld password president 6 buchstb prosacuted jakal kidname kaip ir visdad Bananas last name use it a lot lololol killer2010 Grandparents dog greek chiller kkkkdaas not bigboy Old as the hills una mascota ich bin Det vanlige lolololololol stichwort smallest pet's name? bella jacob mckoy vito tapja ima wie hei?t meine Mutter? Ahoj destroyer hont password for everything else What is my Dogs name? killer2121 Everything. killer5423423 rafath iown bang payback mata mucho alex rocky Travall lucy A type of criminal mamamatay tao luca sasuke aina sama t-hoe it is descusting bitch Ummm Killa? adobe what do you think? because you slay me innocent job title dawg navy fdswertsawertgssfr edwwewerwerrwerwerwerwer ograde omg i hate BAAAAA rs hehe matar mason muert fdfwf kiee ajo loppol me who kien was bist du? kkkkkkkk Dummy koer fav word maiden name fave standard kayla pumpkins kill -- er dreper p? engenlsk standart jaranddude premier pseudo cod4 licker Who am I lo mismo de siempre nix What's ratte's first name? wer bin ich ? liebling dadada soda chumbalamba kiler monish Pass champu Hallo myspace Irfan khan swimming knickname was du in spiel machst how r u hans jjj hellik kill people my nickname asecino Laughter tot Whatismypetsname john woo movie killerme master tom killingspree tof dogs 12134 what is a bad guy murder paswordzz Kimveer ted ASD What i am a my pass cereal jon woo Who killed Roger Rabbit? What I am david mann; gedimipa Warn911 dragonscape what's your dog's name? silly iron castro 21 sandoval bobo donkey lulz sin guion ni finde ni hombre worst thing you can do jeweetsullf pass counter rar my pet killer lawl tuppers password ray deathnote kill123 - 1961 relic back che tempo fa dog name magnum my 1st dog Jones zabijak? im a maiden koko toetlich Shooter 6bok asdasd netlog tom og jerry hund kelly regular oldest password Minecraft thriller Mean don alcatel dog dod Soalwas deadifier a bad person bak taringa Rediff password Ironmaiden scream in the bow lewis queen bobdickhead heh! jiller 1'st password what is my call sign? passw is killer kill-er pet rabbit kill -er killer2000 sugar man-uv2 vinny xmajkii Others Klasika ich bin ein iam a my cat do killerrs killerrr kill---er! dd fabrice Cats name mijn honds zijn naam what i like to do joe letters usual thing fav kitty johanna ds party for the newbies griller baf bad rune nichts What i was its alwayz the same Chip's favorite dog pummel rockstar Pet fluffy my son middle name ? nicname Onkelz Sjaak elfsnake bleh best 0522 2nd dog manson habbo name no nos micio docas mud thats me irc warrior man to exp i am not one boss ww Duce kill someone what is your favorite password? golti what is up killer232 315135 The K word kill** jako vzdy YOU WILL NEVER GEUSS IT DONT TRY edgar shes a ...... queen games login won at gin rellik daves old what am I All old one s2 pw necro cuz ik kill je mi correo goodword cwalken summat iamnot hitler le mme k1ill3r angel what am i pasword pink floyd noeh bees basic ak48 keeler life redrum k i xxx who is criminal il kill u dota lalaallalala murderder Tueur what do ppl in the army ar. tank vandaag mata konjo n aim phone password monse person who kills ten sam non de mon chien belico murders the same hes a cane dgfdfgfdg Kaninchen tomas killers scare who? killer5132 you mom ubojica it k i l l e r kward ik im de e killer ffs ass? lackar io 21700 iemandtje same old one mouse mako hond Puppy je tue. la misma de siempre sidfjsijf niks Mr. Brightside codename bunny same as notes moose Szczepana przezwisko nixnix nic nia hang azidburn hane who are you? kil Freddy Couger klasfuck aka no numers linksys smokey ... dog look out whos the kyle Mom's dog bandi mamma kil-er wchtwoord in wow the Native loeloe? brown dog standardowa ksywa jako dycky yea Asesino dsaff victim was ist los? yep yes it kills Matador Sha6ma a serial ______ gyilkos kelo josh whats my dogs name yoyo bwahahaha o.o; easy who r u pembunuh Tell me your nickname garten100 bhagwan man with guns jr nick aray boxer Doctor's are butthead jeppe shadow my favorite password usual psswd What am I not? umm i dunno birgit hunt alice favorite color another word for death person ninguna schwarz Mable nicnkame hund kajtek Kowalski Shotty old rs pass what are you when you kill some one dead Vagia crows assasin creed HO favorit game one who kills ich sagwa normal my fish aaaaaa track ladesiempre Hi Facebook wie immer.... kaller if she comes after you, then just i Kiled sum1 what am i burt hotmail innit? small rodent j lewis kabaj meyer std basic eigentlich alles sebastian meow 1234567890 1234567 Otherwise known as Jim Kilkelly luckyboy what do you always use? Setsuna i am k-i-l-l mamusia uccide whats xyz istock profession want to be a son kenmccoy ppp sameo its what you do with a sword SUP fuck you mi nombre furr wer bin ich hallo Bad Dont do it monrepo people fight music myspace password was war first letter on aim Youknow most common used word kiriko somthing bad you can not get in so fuck off what? drashg who is kill murderer? 150586 chat male Diddler's haupteingang Serial kill them all fuckersss i saved his life. My Maden name ginger cat a murder is a wer iss der killer zodiac kilgo nnn Curelhu ewan Nicht mein Beruf! qwerty aleksandervorobjovi4 i love pets die! sumod shit inaczej zabojca nm dying no killar Andrew pass is killer da name bird name test Zudikas tig ur K1LL3R asasino dier dies Hunt what hurts? normal password yahoo password as always Hund usmc died what is your sons name? fsd lolomgwtfbbq hgfuy safe :DD kilters its me where are u uncle nick name i killed him dance sharukhan death (K) PEOPLE ARE? creative Czar killingstuff yummy usual pw zoals anders e You like this! Standard ki12333 humm 123456789 bla bla me what I am tueur a gage kiels password first blood a de sempre ich bin ein? kitten Shashi Hannibal bathor cool :O wut am i no ake heslo asi mam drbo?! die gun favorite movie kll first word of email meu amor maior Keyboard guy bio What am I ? kill(er) it what u are starts with k ends with r k word cyber north star zeus777 Jagare padrao No numbers bahua elroy whats my xbl filler abdullah kkill your dog U ARE A KILLER what kills? something k killer35 with out the 35 1234 obcn klr K.I. little guy Mu SystemError new1aboutms Michael Jackson killerbounty boy lerki Kebab deadly& alta Normaal pw nickname boo bob myers hamza ljmmfs black and white chiuaua habituelle love muajajaja DOG dog's name bundeswehr pipin 1st crime nick's red natural born iron maiden siempre my pass is el del kill angry dude joens killer one Joehoe msn sahra films homie g dog matador BSB kill me wharhraehah Damn B You Know it sanane Default fika The big dog killer214 mein erstes haustier what i did usual forum password meme que dhabitude fav charlton player car looool 'its killer btw' book name cat minmor kikoo cao nooedefgw tueur carolina oldpass ?~ someting what jason does gaston mayonaise fuck sample pword jjjjj thaqueen uccidere 232 pink ramesh un asder da strapazzo Who 1 morte ya sabes bolo asesino en inles 0119221 What I do to art... kylle ik kill ze misma wowzer Always aol spot UrNot the same as the rest mopar pass u do it k paso old nickname dahmer leck mich aim pw surfing natural ss coldkiller bmwm kiko q killher mango kikiki kill her typical fonias cat's name? webpage ttt mon surnom the band sono io shake cold dog's name no cap he coming 4 u k-simple hoho hellboy brother's nickname for me wie immer halt grim reaper vc sabe XD muderor Who did the crime? kill er killer killer67 killet momo kkk raherhah not Alles nop killed password i use for everything akatsuki name gambitx da man ancien bowling normaly my pass my ksywa what a marine is telefoon turtle lal jerry lee lewis vidor nem yeah my mom name ? mothers name your old dog killerduh et iasi 123456 er hacker jayadi deadcat whatthefuck leeveke Half-Baked Camron som lap its a bad person.. bla sunstar monster nimignolo cars c toi deer killer ubica what i am in call of duty Stand F13 Security Are you ok!? sabot mirko fottball aiuhgasjdg dunno my favorit color Kisub Kaest Ara! hooch matador ingles first cheese aezakmi fg il solito bin ich apodo what serfer11 I'm a ..... iam city chanson silent Lochi none yea (k)-iller you are? guadalupe masaker killer is pw bounty white um dont be dumb trgd10777 a eyes a game of life floppy Ryhmes with filler. bajs huh hui Pet's nickname butt 11 gotti wat Love brand name gangster vezi your mail Dodelijk most feared blabla jasomto ToMeX bad stuff Randy Orton alles san sam password killer saa I am ... kd974 sulk sas Main DS det med k kush yea right efficient First Password bob saget xxxxxx ikillu destroy what is a sniper? sure ncname opposite hahahehe iliketo dexter truelove morder who is it name of cat personnage Annus Assassino lawl first dog forever Who did what? najstarija how are u what the bad guys are shooter lirics professional 80's killer???? kilam Your usual password madison usualk shot Barry killer. texas dog killer1 killer2 killer7 killer8 killer9 standard Log-ing killer? 2525 aaakilla almodovar yung dati who died What I am on RSV the usual... lorenzo koi sam az slob mastar Thriller wie immer alt bhyia's id good word what it is killerr killers ikillyou usual? killerx dhdfdhfa killerz bomba kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kevin miller joker place of birth a seu matador safado who kills? det vanlige lol KD negocio jasdjasd whoami husband 1st cat suckit verything killer55 to dame good who is zeke? college sean seal sport dsfk uclaNick lene paulsen Ace Benton quien soy asdasdasd whats up First name of orca common same as murderer does very well gunpowder, jelatine kool Rhymes with Miller killing guitar what was hitler? jo ji jj myfave what to do? Hiphopper halten sich fur tue vrah da killa first iron maiden shirt mi perro mi peke?o inho mor... killermiller abc123 killbill je kleinste hond I will **** you with a knife. mano animal _killer Guess Death cancer murderer O_O jeans pop poo I am Ask Me boat its a game Dodare P? engelska nottellingyou dodare lifer wie auch immer kes k i ll e r dfghjkl ja my pass for other accounts asesino Killa bad man naruto farte the butchers k... street racing k1ll3r dr?be killerllla tiger JWG is a? jfh uauau a boy getting killed what is that you use always ash nickname myself what do games mostly do ? wat you are on halo spiderman Kill? old 6 digits arnold lolamo KillAll coco oudste xbl account no num *****r my pet name was bin ich moo!! welke kill? blah tele no khalsa tueur en anglais dolska assassinscreed first dog. first fish same name samo lavi who is the one who kills? same serial ______? usual password Blood micheal jackson What Does Gir Like anbu het zelfde wuff steamacc Mother's maiden name kill bill kelvin weed before 1 Nome del Topino? 181292 pas facile a trouver hein? its killer magican fue mi perra berni standart my usual password everywhere tesco mypassword money kill? Black bun duh! i am? ucigash killlll kill gdg ps2 ps3 yeushz satin the usual Natural Born ______ death nonebum hint a murderer dulla symon 4 bloo 13n84y kingkong 0303 cb handle who cares.... whats your moparscape password kill u kills killr kirby cg Thug Life I can go to jail for doing this killz kille moi der dicke eerste hondje mom psp lady damadad my god ho dies people gerladeans boyfriend i use all time moje meno kaialalaear killeriuxasaaasass call sign tiny lizzy killer opekapok aopkepoake Morte What do murders do? spass ;p jews who is bad l collegeclub killerlooks Perro without the period paper nickname noob hardst 75230 Meh meuchel i love you nicole IRon Sej ves ... password ... doggy killer123nict mur knife Little dog moordenaar football My dads name konijn kirkley ghostface to create death quella di lisa Wrestler nisse nanana bcdb111 knutatobashoe Who are you who are u? oj ace hsohkosohk jasa favorite Mrblowup wolf my end nic for CS go away killerkiller murderer ? assassin heded who are you knifing maro dagger minus 23 vito corleone No wildy myPW penelope noone KiLlInG IS A NOun el meu gos killerman garu poopoo Who you are not? hey lo mismo HitMan rsc p kittens jun you? serial killer car color nick no num 505 default mat assa freddy old pet cat kiyyer aa toilet keine death bringer felix fave job as omgwtf What are you? film pilon again low security all pass's Blackie tueur ? vietnam you puppy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa poop mark cook that wave was " " my password? shatta pooh okazii pitt bull thore max Dude that's tomatoes! hmm ron b kid Yeah barcelona cousin dog charljohn21_1989 Blah Duh? adam wake old pw assassino jaja kilelr all you know it gungrave forbidden can u kill like me pass code Black Man Hitman filllee imawhat wat i am best tx K*i*l*l*e*r tt drugs do Nothing To Live For guhrh name des hundes wooooo tg norm Cereal itumono radio lucaseil Assassin another word for death wta is that kills things toter what is ur caste? l2 Kill i you k r altijd muhahaha who iam Rawrishblah favorite pet? komal pass tes what was Benji's other name. same as will what killer1808 sun killer0827 tagueule ajunk Short my first ps hase K Jerry Lee my usual was bin ich bei to same-o ranger d?dare normal no date Name??? strong vladi stick arena password when u kill someone u are a schuss siamese asa my ol' self A man who kills favorite pet muders hamster chaitu murdering samas killer35 crazy man kekse oder dose killer30 killer31 yah! dfjkalk death to all blabl Tom rko 12345678910 Pet name? taker tribuphonik poodle mort d'habitude taeka taken minou 12331 mord kill free husky 1 ikilledu doof dood caca duvednok aol password doom where u born kle none Jeremy78 Was ich Bin ! damien der thumper common word is use ojsimpson du bist bei Gta Iv ein echter what am I? deb Standart def Gerry K its cool kidksf i want to be a millionare angi lolol fav dog morto Norm cachorro csi wat je altijd hebt knuffelk booom keinplan no monsters most used Pass Dog wie, wij!! blood whats a serial's second name zudikas . . . my main pass in the past SAG ICH NET short Gack! mezz bugs i like to people django what is your name Logan who is the killer comme dab mascota old mortem what is ur name what I do.. as usual idk lol XD help Favorite dog What am i deer hunter pc name my nick name loves a killer k***** assasinate logan mikes map library password een killer hell oopsy's nickname mijn vast passwoord kollah what are u tizmet 23 allo soy? Gyilkos xbc nick saleem alice character what is your bike killer12222333444 Ubojica? altes jack the ripper its crazy the KILLERS someone k i ii er ceb yo homicidal food uhm hunter predator pet name masakr skipper afl password, 6 letters, starts with k killerishet brand of cereal youknow mystery Iron Maiden everytime always not a serial apeman I'am a.... my wife fghgf cant live with her... jaws Serial ...... ? woooza Mort brother richie's word reugular pwd wurst todd Cheapo password i am a cereal what i'll do to a butterfly franky1 lola jimmy? lolo leuk toch it's your all around pass perro 7 lolz Slapshot Mr.K bubba game name ass None What is my favorite movie? er macht viele frags joske sharks are guess dead persons muderere kill kill er krieger asd aziz romeo pup ER what are you not (a) tecktonik normalpass sameone neopets frwewerf Te mato mother's maiden name lol? name rabbit IDEM kimhai Manson password for everything? (mostly on nex) diller kailler tango Zdragon is a what u want to know im a ohhh killer passer kill you horse killin dfz merde twenty iller toter auf englisch 187 ze mama rawr killer23 killer22 mhmm bow wow killer_1 no a word XQ std king wanghuy hiya aaa killler umm owned? hoaham son of sam jasno voorhees aap usual suspects 1234> 12345 colour 12346 cleaner dead cat nick name cuthbert yossi nickname God yellow dog you know haha death man mattnik 231993 lie conmeo kippetje second album minus the 'S' My old email password Mutter my bb k6 Kil hgf Affe je weet ut wel:) killer19not password, killer is gill fdsfsdafd Gerble lkdlaksldkalskdlakdlsakd ITS ME tot tot brooklyn idashdkj Tueur Francais kat nothing huhu elephant kb Deathmachine tappaja gaby kk doggie ki ko kutzooi killer 2 ks kr TJ dog kill add er thomas fish name 666 runescape asdsadsada stunner Wer bist du? counterstrike je taime ??? ?? omoara me haha vakio freddy v.s jason sheppard gilly wHO iS tHE kILLER Geburtsort Ja mordare soccer nickname hotmail hit deader the murder sunny ja sabes =D No hint for you killer181 kamikazied 2 starts with k him was fehlt im etui? adfgadsfgh kiker samma som hotmail minus 66 Dog's name maiden 80 chip's cat common if you kill your a what i want to be old dog toujour scarface is a always use it DEATH fb password cosa vorresti essere no ta2 old cat lion dog friend u kno other pw pw bei nfs whatisyourpetname oldone if u kill wow juego not one woo's best? first password its a trap! nope same old my usuall one usual pass a nickname for a murder born to kill do you like it? tjo hej 13081978 Jason 4051 panther Toter my always password fuckyou he is a serial sadas mon chien noir olli deadman jeff simple cold blooded perro peque?o Goo whatever killer without 82 ssgti linux 187 committed beer scary movie lollike asdf duh soy?? Murderer pw awtz no hint dams wie immer lefty's brother Normal p rexio 99413090 dur finnlennox2008 Huhu Kiels Pword ubijca white dog angelevil8 your msn 0000 gay he is a cake? liver itachi who? kenny0026 whos a killer my favourite password what do you want to do bill ucijas ben stiller kick fun paco loop I wont be a ... slepkava (killer) socom son's name nickname from flat head kay ist der fara 78k Dead m.j. vafan blank kool my dogs name click bang bang murdrer old pass shay jhorick lol 6 letters Al Capone was a cold blooded one of these hotmail passwrod Kill + er khanhnz best pw :D peloquin Legend.... I AM A BEASTY _ _ _ _ _ _ normal day Whole Nine Yards dgo 007 user verboten In door pet's name. mot nickname rommel dark rayne ish a ______ kcam always the same la de siempre de Zerial person katze killer1< What was the name of my dog killer12 moo charackter killer11 my tag killer is password kolai ya!! 1st pw cocks doggies name il mio cane who are you ? alternate dreper start with kil Fishy Natural born pinoyhiphop2009 asa pa ricordami khun ... what a hitman does? Die houlou The killers La solita el donya di 3'aba mazaher kadaba rafa 2alaba malek game yope Your original password killer g my boss Dog in texas hvad jeg er vahid01 nipple patrick ivan 1 st school afl password google pppppppp weatherrain,weathermoonlight,weathersnow,weather Same old, same old... i am this in Counter my cats name d?d pet khooni lewy1000 what was charles manson? cownei no idea 1251 same one as the other one eater Pimmel Favrot spikker bo use ohoho Boo the 6 letter word shine MW2 snoop & beans odare person that kills ur fb pass muks usaly always use co zwykle defult sgtlinder totungsmaschine doudou katil asasdsad murdorer defuld what i do sonny murder!! .. Normal its a dog assasin numberless hotmail what i always used Koch fer pimpin Always the same t-shirt serie clasica contrase?a fishy gdgd asasinul din tine atoe Favorite Dog sapios01 what do i do original k, no frills perrito Fullgore is from Instinct not slayer keopake work mi mejor amiga ...? sameold someone deadly the model im taking the coat from for my model kay is der mamamatay home kl if you kill you're a? tite Murder kilz? Max tara Guard nickname nick ____O- Stuart Loves WHo? as always and dangerous kamal what i do in killzone jason vourhese drap ases slepkava password to starcraft yo kill someone kaksdl e-mail? 6L, S fighter jerrylee dreper p? engesk zabija ... my job knubben123 hello edrian ggforum Killer jason taevas katt toten The usual with no s penis fskfsk go psycho Nooooob ---1-1- mein spiel moje pierwsze haslo do emaili? powner in hitman i am a? spike8742 a person who kills schwert stone cold killer01 snipes sniper i kill murderous what now same as always kitty wats ja kukka ragno usual one het is niet herman maar dood lo de siempre JL magic michael mascota chow yun what are you ? msn password _Knife star with a k plopplop crow james bond er en ki**** Serial ...... alexandito carla My name is easy pass kikik moorde el matador international whats my job? nicks name lolll pooopie standerd vampire bobsaget i like My dog kafe Who is a killer the one you used for stick arena killer with out 007 not kool say what? nacho when we were young Airman zoioccy dog name? usaf kii common pass Your password hint is a k Alice Cooper's 4th album others sexy Aku pembunuh ?nombre de mascota? bose ^^ cerial ------ spicey someone that kills something what the hell? blizzard spy you-know-who favorite game password Shola crazy kade talon maton o.j simpson whos your daddy who kills andreas hu r u? umm... killered dfgh killer<- Password killerguy usu ya me la se vehicle pet's nama pet's name baba babe 1/2 something u can do to somenbody what it always is fatza de biller killa zelfde ki88ll999e999r baby killerbot justin balls who kill? nariz lolazo K1llER obvious ...filme school password what am i. pets name TOT first passord ever tag what am i? jeebus serial vgames Apple same not death Yo gammal dod six HUGH ??????????? ?????? animal covey moerder con un fucile? toeten baseball player nickname fuller - solita The usual hahahaha Usual bulia linex good guy gone bad my old1 c?o who you are omicidio dog is not a mamatay tao starts with a k chien llre what bad poeple do anibal inoxoe Murder! com dab meh nehal quake easy normal nothing to your surpise to kill killer666 chihuahua my old one cuaco asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf pw for starcraft with er at end hobby What do gangsters do? criminal same as others dad lunatic llacasi whats my name auto nada rotwailler Cat asanets killertje snoopy killer name mi cuentade m du weist schon remember me Roger c ' est killer mon mots de passe tuer what is my call sign billy thepowershoot pint killk nopuri is puppy1 ki***r arlgliaeihgaieh4iyha xyz123 oliverlagdameo Skell killerkkkppkl puke mo sandy you are a.... memem suck this vic ret gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg erfurt my first pet mata The person I become when mad. Grave no numbers la solita makavelii zbeck hjghkjghkj My Dog kiiller not locklear no number kxhbai:) cri micheal myers g wo bin ich skateboard krafzow david i own scross mud password Kennwort ung dati kong password kakakaka powerful owned one that kills Name of cat lol cassie hey mec, tu dechire t'es un ..... what a mudered is begin with k avi guy rs1 what u are monkey Your name vanlig system fehlt in Etui? harun attack start with k assacino gefahr man Nickname k!ll3r normal one aplpha only killerwhat Pass_is_killer dogs name grete nagarjuna cyf killerisit fuzzy Loeloe? birds name ben mi contrase?a nickey bee kills stuff Passordet p? pc... lover standard web u knw it rania the dog Pat rillek what's on the road ichi kill+kill the old one kill joy BLACK deadhunter Numero de portable man with a knife What is a wolf? 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