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Entry #454

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albert hang out bourough in NY what city was I born? granddaughters name childv whoever NewYork Where do I live? where you at baby alm boubi I live here where im from reg. NYC City where I am from? oldest nycity borough of ny penis bassett birthplace home borough peanut wassup hulaj my boro the city i was born NEW YORk best person where nana lives town street Daddy's girl Where I am From kitty becks son sons every were u from grandaughter name city i live in sony Where Where Grandpa was born born in? school what's your city gf venue jhernandez boro of birth gd red who's son? no sleep till babybrook barbara kayes gd ville little one work neighborhood County where born sons name where I was born? Where I was born second software? brookie born where long city im from 7th my home town me? ba blue first born sub my heart my name same as email ma daughter lamborgini your dog you were born in black girl cat the first gd first school liver shunt public library city NY reprezent Lefferts dort thing 1 pug where im moving to where was Dough born? newyork livein fav new york borrow here redcross youngest rebekah's home loo loo b2k boogaloo Nephew NYC home 1st daughter my grey cat Gargoyle Burough paul home what city where u born in daughter borough ny thing one Where Is Bethel? kidy kidz Where first lived hbc rocky Boro Born favorite pet enfant NY B boo Best pizza on Earth found here. Home boogieman am a Minime2 one of the five boroughs City Of Birth home city home of biggie and j love wea i live? the bridge gil's birth place city you were born Boo neice dog's name bro New york brk names where are you from? 1st where you live Cat savanah Hyster the city where in new york? <3 karali's boro lowercase from usa where i lived eldest fille baby sister's name Where i was born live city i was born downhill bike 6 bigup borough of NYC old hood Favorite part of NYC flat first cat best dog in the world company loco romeo and bam billel like always where are u daughter #1 better borough Where do you live now ? whats my name? biach where you from my nigga? where u born spearmint what boro? me bklyn cat name blah my purr granddaughter 3 NY City where? cat where r u from Where? stadt my town where u live city and zipcode grenada DUMBO the nabe kids name raod crown heights 11211 d-wagen da planet pets name where you were born fuck chik where am i from middle name daughter Sister's Name Kuma kaleem family dog granddaughter3 place born Norm oh shutup home town? ones favorite place number 4 Who is she? jigga place where i was born Where were you born? What city is Kisses from? bs name Where I was born? 1 baby beckham gato BROOKIE allana City and Zipcode nyc not whitney name of tattoo where u frm booob anime my dogs name where I live ny city neigborhood Where don't you live? mom town becks granddaughter daugther Dog conflux dos pajaros en uno ash and naj baby name bKLYN where you at? sharon Hell's Kitchen City where born New York Brough town where i was born. Where im 4rm puff where do you live short Where Elaine lives no sleep city of City of birth? andrew red hair robot where i was born? kokookok part of New york 123 laurie motoko Kings chien fav. place My Block? typical Daugher's name help office eat bk 060906 my nick name my kitten grandbaby where were you born? munchkin daniel the city i was born in h's city nets here is dough from let me tell you where i grew up at!!! the bk where we at One n only i was born ln brook where were you born Home town where was I born? middle names favorite garg Birth pussy mothers birthplae musica BOD soccer utica dad gdaughter yo where are you? City I work in lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pet name tick tock place were born Stockholm St citaaay szilvia city I live in sumner pj's CityBorn new yorok city what city were you born in town you work in a borough in new york always the better borough rep yo hood zb city of residence daugthers name fav cat jim's birthplace newyorknewyork champ raised jay-z we live in ps152 flatb in this cityush ave my group bkbkbk old house in sj was on this street house old workplace bums orange cat hood? Middle Name crownheighs Live year second password where was i born girl me precious hone away from home where i'm from Born and raised living your eldest borrow in nyc god stuy pupster where he at sity ob perro kings county born and raised in? Baby puppy bline favorite granddaughter bubba frenchie gram dodgers brooky born? bookie Where is Bethel? NY city 3rd child Birth place city born in no numbers Where was I born? borohugh Hell brooke my baby u already no bkk princess Where I'm from Where it happen at canarsie Favorite niece city I was born in born and raised oldest kid the place bay ridge it's a name you know very well where I was born brthplace where im from beastie boy town place 2nd princess child name ny city location keyaz place Street grand daughter think Ellen town first Lamb city where I am from My name homieee where do u live the oval hey twat the bourgh bitch the city where I was born borough i was born in second elementary school baby1 city horse city born? Ajoke favorite dog NY first canine partner New york city my favorite city the little guy new york Where born dog 2 mama Nickname BAM home friend toe you know brandley 2nd daughter Grandson My Sisters wie meistens grew up @ alans hometown home town where i was born oldest grandaughter brooklynny Where do i live 3288 Drive from? never takin shorts boyfriend king ahmed b ben grandson Black Dog daughters name matteo zero brooklyn718 KS dog? your hometown baby name jongste our daughter kitten heather's daughter 12345 110166 city? bridge my birthplace. whure i wanna live my fab musical theatre Ft Hamilton were I am from where i love quartier old city where Im from my second home adsl;kfj bedstuy borough bith place where im 4rm kevin nome madre hood nue yerk regular where were you born i live in b city where u from? walabock dog name chooks name small town name Kid live @ location? mini me Name Birth city normal taz number who dog no caps my bitch who I love brooklyn little girls name regulat brooke - lyn cj birth city My Baby old nyc ciudad donde vives mack becks 1 city of birth queens eldest daughters name Bridge black city of the gym fourth largest city birth city where u from pixie yenta dog 2nd city back home where was i born? my home borough where i am from where am i from? brooklyn soldier your yahoo, friendster, and multiply password bourough where born 85-88 where was i born place where born myborough my butter cup beckham city in ny warehouse location where you from hawkesbury troy where did I live? Where I met Dave I. nephew chicken letty where wa i born deedee bplace where the fuck you be in homie bolton house BK? where is my office? betty smith jellybean where your boyfriend lives where you from? woof Favorite City il mio pokemon preferito place in US what city were you born local crooklyn where do you live? the planet my cat raised in racehorse handle where were you born ? not flatbush city in NY new york city dd jazz real hometown Where Im From lordbescity da hood where I grew up ghetto Where I live what city? where from old sate Saarbrucken hello its were it @ were i'm frOm email place of birth what city in NYC i was raised at? brooke nickame lost pet dog +birthday Ciudad of Life mi last name where Pets name bah cheval bushwick NAJWA where I lived doggie name mi ciudad city i love and was born in twin not boston Where you from? Where You From? sis college city in new york favorite sports team where mom lives boo-boo bkaii Kayes GD broccolis frist apartment Dodgers choochie 2nd dog Name of City grew up alan hometown whats my favorite borough brookyn state New York i where i was born favorite password new york cryme tyme mum favorite city Heffer nope where is jay-z from Awa Gargoyles NY borough us city area babygirl best city in world Where i lve Daughter's name jb ooklyn were i was born dak password borough nyc mona country paceofbirth you in it where you live? nan & pop h/town cod Company origns and zip spread love its the __way New York daughter job boro gohard Burrough cohee curls your oldest place of naturalization kiara City where I'm from mos def 1st daughters name burrow brooksheilds best borough village tony kings place of abode cp nicole duh devin where carmela lives 649 st marks 2nd chick sara home? bcity Flatbush yo name from where ______Ny u know the boro Boro I'm from grandaughter bbq city next to manhattan lived Daughter gay boy my baby girl cypress stardoll child's name city my dad lives orange dave kids Olivers home child MY BABY my summer vacation where we are who em i daddy of? land Dog name in the beginning bile your old borough aboi what borough do you live in? neal mojen place where my head rest 33 City in new york city born in residence angel heaven cidade 1st born City hotmail me born Who ya wit? not manhattan singer of my humps my humps my lovely lady lumps. middle broo bron old address where your from kayes daughter cutest in the world ney york i grew up in tattoo where i live hund great grand Newyork Becks other email same Becks' firstborn uncle eddie where are you old home SOT grand BK, NY youknow not queens bethel city i was born in babylove Biggie where ya from city birth burnley my son romeo suburb My oldest daughter my daughter hipster burrough greatest city nickname kid Roxie Simmons my sister live in Aunt Vie's house City of Birth opposite of queens sister name Male dog county birthpl concrete SATC borough of birth best city na Girl my county usual where did we live together brooklyn01 Granddaughter my puppy mom where you reppin ctiy city of birth? Daugher baby girl Where I Live BK BORN east of nyc hot dog my born place spot is from...? yes Group Name girllllll city whare i was born? family farther deago 1st pet first golden retriever my home hood where i was born & love Bj brooklyn7 choclate brooklyn3 location where i grew up old street city born where's it at colegio niece my city old neighborhood pet dog bk ny where was i born? moo the borough birth born ? oldest girl city in nyc manville site pies dreams name daughterz name where born d red hook the best city ever old kent rd birth place miracle borough and that's it childs name City of birth canda brooklynp home of the brave 11209 your city coney Where I'm From where ? at? retracnwahs nigga endofsummer picture HS newyorkkkk boro is thoro bounce kings? boro born east ny 1st city home dasoide city grew up big sniff NYC Borough pet Mothers hometown and sister City you were born in PTA What is everything b-lyn It's In New York City 2nd baby Where do you live? twinkie memiddle kiddo doggy i love celia fav band david beckham Bild buck town elmont sixth Daughters daughter kfjlsj bk 11210 cheadle plzza last baby br born city favorite borough william sister place i lived no hint my dog Where you from grand baby Second cat 7424 daughter's name idk a part of newyork that i use to live in One City bk son where we got married road gargoyle lidas suburb the loft what city were you born in? First born hometown Place of birth Where u come from son penelope 3rd grandchild u r now leaving fuck you what is my multilegged daughter name? paul home city my birth tha b rowe donde mi novia vivia BKL tha hood where are you from usu where do i live my hometown Boro of birth brooklynvab nephews name chauncey cool monkey dogs name 2nd girl new york borough B of NY becks son? JESSE Stadtteil 0 what is my dog's name? CITY savarese my neice's name is? meandbirthday wegohard House new york city lived in fabolous & Jay-z work borough where biggie is from hm past home hc bbkk what brough are youre from? where you from Son second daughter kjnkjn biggie i like draco malfoy yo what? Hometown gettin product stad i ny first love marc nickname city of new york live nyc Jayz where did I live in 1985 oldest daughter pl NooYawk Where I was raised Quartier de new york sameold Jesse djtomi Birthplace st marks house name whatever where do i live? Bklyn chat booky girls name same as rhi favorite city? heimat jesse jay z burrough no same as email (also where I live) What borough are you from? black dog phone number ny birthcity dau 1 bnut u one of the 5 boroughs that starts with B born in what city first hardest where I'm from born in monkey im from I'm from the boro of ?? What goes before son? phoenix u from where r u from? city I am from in the hood flatbush br what? my neice name is what city Katie Perry DOG moved from hejhej no 2 verrazano loveme wife used to live there girl dog our h baseball city pup x 2 fourth girl name place i grew up Where am i from born-in adam where i live dat stay balliiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!! lou born 10/06/05 Where do I work? b-town :))