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Entry #413

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city born in Home town of favorite NFL football Team. favorite bball team Where do I live? gg outsiders ciudad nombre: hhelena city I work in ezii100 go Favorite team golfer hate who is alice? D/FW First Dog birthplace family member buddy tx lone star the team crush father My Hometown to fatcat dalasi sconex passwor favorite uncle norm perro town std pass Best pet yet Universal pass grandma's city im cool Dog's name. Nfl kitty middle name fav big city georgia trip to nationals tazman home county blubber whhitw Dog's name? triple d who's your daddy Who shot Jr? Favority NFL team doggy oldest pup ville CFNI City you were born? my nickname from school near big city of Fav Football Ctiy brother What City I was born in? grandfather nearby town mi perra negra nombre fav nfl team city first dogs name upv north of ennis best dog ville mn Grr big city nightmare on elm st Bror who won superbowl in 1995 abbey born here sons name tex where's the cowboys? street video pet name DTS nba Pet's name who is my dog? blue first born captain Tes initiales place of birth my name sun Stadt last post in US u know it Boys Mothers maiden name jr ewing jerome first school sup d a l l a s city of the cowboys dad's mom's name Me where did you live Rush shutup little boy lee youngest son heart of texas NFL 92 superbowl eros eh my old hores name city where i live street i live on green stars innebandy standard legend bowling green housed my son boy kids daughter hawks87 metro DC fball hub name bla bla bla Where was I born? tv the town kid name first name Home bob Cowboys best dog ever montreal home city sheila love Da Boys danny white 80-tals TV serie sportsteam vem ar Anton & Sara dog's name bro avent names lone star state where you live pony Cat City in texas what city was I born in? usstadt hjdhjs usa by i texas Where are your from serie no sir Why them? sports msn asses mr.d where is dad who wasmy lab Favorite City pet's name city were i live dad's pet jhsns team 6 street name city you were born in yahoo texas city dallia who do you love? s?pa boomer Kody's middle name baby name? scottwhat mellemnavn me none cat name pug middle dallascity car donay dixon samelogon mi dtown my hockey team cat Fav Football team? stadt mypup my town cap nostromo lisaskid SB Who shot JR? my The usual something favorite show 123456 Sallad pets name darrlyandlouielaughedatsusie my pony GRSPC password cowbos sisters name Name of Dog azul where am i from GREEN Rock Fetival stover favourite pooch youngest dog First Dog's name letter d becca djsajdliuewkndmkndpiyw sweetie kristen's town son2 dorsett dallas10 dalxxx NHL a city 1 hot gato youngest daughter animal nombre first pet bloom county Madrix where I live thea boy My favorite one grandad My last dog's name. jk granddaughter Dog lab Dog's Name the city you live in what 's your mothers maiden name ? Cowboy my sweetheart name of first dog Where is ur first fulltime job location in US? rudy bloom mother's maiden name sue-helen city and colour where do you live sdfsdfsdf nowitzki grandson last name grand daughter Hubs dads name fuck you star baby cousin Middle My Horses Name green texso cowboys city chien fallas ibizo middle name? city in TX houston as usual my doggie furry little thing office male dog NAME ME same as all the others Texas office fav nfl team ftball team same squadra husban major city owens Texas cowboys home bwdog usual 6 greatest team of all time Born? 22 where do you stay at father middle c not telling aikman who you love big boy ds maid don.s pet texax WTF farmer oak cliff soccer City in Texas texas kevys Dog dad white eyes non work name Where does dad live? biddy brother's name dal white cat Football Team white dog your son Favorite Sports Team sexi shit roommate jack russell snake foot Romo their my team poppaw 80s tv show Place you met your husband name Birth City Simple always nfl d city my fav football team eu? donde U know Favorite Team city I grew up in team city HDQ adedoyin taiwo fish yeah city where i was born eve allas burnett & andrews town of birth city i was born in ex Dogs name arab not me girl city i was born? town i live in city of cowboys edson first pets name jackson city from cat's name smu vaqueros _____ Cowboys reddog Royal Oak Street J.R. Serie it's calling you... vvv sons name? bla reg red city in tx no numbers Nikki birth city old pet good girl Lilla maiden name team mon homme Deieleleies the city in which I live My Dog york grandma dirk my baby My name? fisrt dog princess footy team best team in the nfl Dog Short lower dallas city Home of the Cowboys hunny Vicki's pet Place of birth Ed midd US town my man fave team place nombre de mama city where cowboys play 007 lilou City of cowboys austin philly eagles rival frequent Great Dane Jd Robb cheese shavertown superbowl boy dog nhl g son where do I live David Maine Big d where do i live soft kitty i 45 north Brother my bro's name dallas texas what city city horse basketball favorite dog jhdkfh dfw Same as always Family name city where kate lived first debs does what? da boyz maveric 2 employer location white john dogs friend the city up north you know shewalf Grandson mohawk texas? starr huh ti city? ooru where i was born Where Jr got shot. blondie grandson football wutch ur name is?? fav football team 1st kid daughters name Them boys dog. the usual one city of work COWBOYS state daddy's dog's name dog? first grandchild city name favorite city not my favorite city US-by Carollyn wai? fat cat here kitty Where ya from dog1 city where you live nick name family dog DH nick nama my spots mine black cat EX hallak Home County dallas123 DW my pet dalanta town-is? big city in texas hello does name cindys team who do you love where parents live poney name of american country You know it! who's the mom mid Thanksgiving d-a-l-l-a-s Pet name 92 sb my name is dog one ALL the others rustys friend soap Name maiden don't matter who lower case daughter what is my name victoria camp nickname little girl karen's city regular whp mi peque nothing favorite sport city of birth team's hometown Favorite football team birth city Son's Name kk 2233 ricks dog dog futbol ziggy football city Were I Be! what I always use COWBOYS my bibs author's first name my name? In what city were you born? the football team what is my dog&apos;s name? dumb ass City I was born in favorite football team cdb the pooch pussy Horse JR sallad backwards shitty FB team thuisww nephew chicken tx city kaupunki aamerikassa city born footbal my diggy dog Favorite team. main window Captain =] perro? My dog gson favorite character in the outsiders woof favourite dog Where I hate living hockey Mom my baby boys mi name jag big city in texas yo local catch 22 my cat big "D" malluvison dh luke dc p da mum 123 almost name he is gone wedding old friend Big D kyles friend hero dsdfsd Laciudadnatal Where I live spots bar Favorite NFL Team city where u live nisa mothers name olddog bird greene Where were you born? Maison caramel common nick name from Brian Calachips corgi old dog dallas214 where Nonya husband motorcycle my city is great Pet its kool twin Aussie #9 nfl team Wo wohnst Du city? JFK favorite sports team air force call sign sport paul where u from? eman godson favorite nfl team team 4 and 1 2nd dog movie ife 2011 Tony Only favourite tv St. Pius X state favorite boy ever TEXAS diamonds madien name fav team City of Doug home to me dogggay Benfica dalla 14 juin 1932 dteam first son timmy jr a name 4frf23r31rdvvfvrwqdd3er doggies name da dog wtf Team cousin NFL Cowboy Texas my honey the usual - nothing added boylondon jfk KGIT sauce fricadelle last grandson last cow my pap fiance cox not houston football hero Favorite Team City Son. Wo ist die Barbara geboren Tejas homeland security lower case, no number Son3 favorite horse 2nd son Dogs Name carwash first red dog sheltie By dallas !! ela son name someth8ing color What is my favorite show? pigs name 2nd Pet Name karen dancer where did you live? 67 lillies old dog team name Scott D its my name, duh Favorite Sports City lundy duh dally ist born bumbie 2 america city loucindy grandchild rhody hija my place roomate basic dallas<- bigCITY kits not Our Town Just dallas The dog kaupunki amerikassa achu andrew Luke, am your father old horse name kanson best show EVER Used all the time where i lived ur name kjkl child morefield city I live in dads middle sports team KA cac who? NAME detsamme city in texas Favourite TV Programe Rotty Tv-serie four legged son First pup the big d FatCat Huh? fut americano Jay...... son #1 il tedescone... city in the us IT GUY City 1st us trip dawas ctpet alcatel course horses name what is your name? city you live in nombre en Espa?ol son's name where? bucky simona kt korben Larry last bro complete fall of 06 ferny myfavouritecity my dogs name tattoo where i live devil dog name Feat City city Brandon is from joyces man slab Hated hockey team pleasant grove footbaall team what is my 1st dog's name? schkunk ya la de todas las webs seminar schwarze Katze mor borncity Plano bunny FOOTBALL big dog jr's hometown? ball where was i born black n white my cats name best friend My team hated hockey team Dog's name weee stanley cup my baby boy my little dog moving the little-big D woofer byfriend nickname norris kid Dog only sallad home of the cowboys new office City of Birth yn Football team skott engagement Son my nephew TV barrys fav no nmbrs My Youngest Son First Dog Name luke, i am your father romo hubby doody usual what's dog's name 214 Granddaughter frankie My inspiration Texas home football team pamela's son 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 1st ex mom's dog angies boy cuidad usa name of a boy regie dakota bob hayes the usual email password city to north male golden old pass word $ Football Texas city city where you were born birthcity lives in a palace location hooo is u????? lafamilleewing2 mavs Favorite Football team?? Hockey Team daboys niece ... my city D jaka big Moms dog dog name place lived pet dog ruff corporate office game JR Ewing my girlfriend birth Dogcity nfc oldest girl raisanen city i was born favorite team sue-ellen hot city yb big D where born d black dog kennedy villepays old red dog cheval good book character lauren and? la ciudad simple hund dallas1 What major city is close? Where i live fav dog old negeri dad's dog birth place born cowboyw grandpa Keene # 1 son cowboys home pickles Jack Ryan da11as JD Robb guinea city im in pet its me thanksgiving per gold horse name of the club histeam robs dog wwho shot jr city we are in city i live in ya se dad's nickname City we live in Boy bf team town city housing SMU dali dalla wa best boxer lover last baby where am i my son name internship location danbplace by _ sister cowboy team Superbowl kevin cowboy meow My best friend Baby girl Star city my dog US Peaches Talon husband name JR'S hometown? places Cowboys. No numbers where live Son1 road sehir Who's your daddy? what's your name? hometown gunther son american football cansu champ lund what do you think? mississippi what a fuck hometownn hubbys name my name is what Normal Favorite dog live long city D mylove Our team Big City virgil fav. city stars dogs name jane NBA JRT my boy TV Program like moscow SUCKME first dog what? First pet? murphy zag8zoo dave adams eerste op school boys hi dboys Home Town d town garage sale buc hihi best pet Special city uta mavericks The Team Hometown my team 1st child fries cowboy hat tv show iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cat1 HI oldest daughter Dallas2 whoisyourdaughter mums name daddy left Lakleland for black dach Birthplace taylor redbirdyear butthead USA cowboys1 Ruth's password dallas13 Texas City my favorite football team ciity eldest child girlfriend Kathy big d ericsson fu01 where ya from cigarro dal... password work city lc Favorite Football Team americas team mr me 2 ususal sirilo J.R. canadaboy vanligt default fav shep NFL city branch you puppy City of birth melhor time dale Ort in Amerika Big blue RNCM dall USA Home football papa City you lived in youmans sjjfj Before Cowboy Det vanliga som borjar p? D amerikansk by city_name current city mainly Hund 3rd son friends name wife big D Texas tanner space smeknamn cats name City I grew up in texas town 2002 1st boxer born in 4h Carolyn's dog's name mynick robert where is alisa from