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Entry #312

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rickyboy david mcneill family clan me me me fronapfel oldest buddy puppy love bike My favorite mistake road mother's maiden nephuw x lover middle name boy friend from schaller town you live in microbe school bestfriend Reece's middle name cme cmd fat boi Fav color 1st love pepefranc miller bacon cdawg fav drink second street My oldest dog Middle nm lwr cas lil shit blue first born nef name sir butcher shop new Pup nep hero 1st Son son no 2 nanna son #2 number 1 daughter daughter k piano player beautiful boy fav storm playa joshua rosenberg godmother julia bro cameronlmb duhduh its my name What is my name boy friend persons name Ferris Bueller Stn 1st grandson last nme 1st born boy name who is my baby? me june9 cat name 1999 mn uhh name bro kids name mon fils Middle Son cam full name someone you look like mom's maiden name hot hvor jobber du? june 23 lad CD Lim 3rdchild sellers little 1 4 leg third last name Who is your child my little one its spelled c a m e r o n its is cool hey ho no o comes before scott My ___ is? july4 office grand-child1 a guy i like bootsy nephew number one baby grandson son # 2 Him CHB Kids cj first name your son Name? 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