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Entry #167

1946 hints 11 guesses

name first andra kleindochter last job oldest eng name ruths middle name Justusund gggmother pedro fraise stinky ace of hearts nom de ma chienne Home City My 1st cat brown and white nom de mon 1er chat middle name GF Hometown? no clue school bestfriend senior gran-daug my dog name mijn naam best mate avoriaz Dochter babygirl me! oldest d ian's city second street 12/09/2000 monster first born wilber's girlfriend the love of my life What street do I live on my name kut emily Pup david c prenom de mon ainee mee philippe mom's name pug prenom myname met china nanny maman big sis kids spokane favorite girl name Queen putzl kid name Patricks sister laetitia 16092002 brooke the street daughter&apos;s namesake hospital cahtte What is my name music Queen City Professor? 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